Innovative automatic spray gun for industrial painting. With a new design, MATIK combines the high product atomization features with the needs typical of the automatic painting sector such as component durability and extreme maintenance ease.
In fact, MATIK combines highly pulverising caps, from the bodywork sector, with perfect needle interference on the nozzle which, with CNC machine processed body and components, guarantee efficiency, reliability and durability.



The Walcom® tradition for extremely high performance levels.


Spray gun constructed with materials that guarantee maximum durability, even in extreme use conditions.


Practical and function, the needle-nozzle and cap KIT can be quickly replaced.


Air, product, pressure, fan.

Available in the MATIK GEO versions, thus ecological with double atomization nozzle recommended for Car Refinish;
MATIK HVLP, recommended for industrial and wood applications; MATIK HTE, the high transfer efficiency version with high atomization, ideal for any type of application.